Caring at Electro Systems is expressed in our active commitment to safeguard the health and safety of our people, operating in harmony with the environment, and continuously improving the quality of our work. Caring is both a corporate and a personal value of our people. Electro Systems is committed to achieving Health, Safety, Environment and Quality best practiced throughout its entire scope of business activities. Our attention to health, safety, environment and quality is not only driven by governmental regulations and reporting requirements

We value good relationships with regulatory authorities and place strong emphasis on open, honest reporting beyond the norm as a way of learning to prevent recurrences of incidents and to improve operating performances.

The commitment is the responsibility of every Electro Systems employee. The fundamental goal is to proactively safeguard the health and safety of our people, to operate in harmony with the environment, and to continue to improve the quality of our work.

Safety Performance

We are committed to eliminating all accidents in our work places and to continuously improve health, safety, environmental and quality programs of our sub-contractors and ourselves.

Environmental Performance

Respect for nature is a key value in performing our activities. We strongly advocate preserving the environment, ensuring that we are critical and open with our own environmental performance.