Manufacturing, engineering, designing and testing of PLC, SCADA and motor systems

  • PLC systems
  • Low voltage motor systems
  • Protection circuit design
  • SCADA system development and commissioning
  • FAT testing procedures
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Electronic and electro-mechanical motor protection relay
  • Solid-state soft starters and variable speed drives

At the core of the Electro Systems building is a  (2000 m2 workshop) large  fabrication workshop that is capable of handling large manufacturing projects and is perfectly suited to conduct any FAT or other testing procedures that our customers require. Our factory delivers  effective and durable systems that  are robust enough to withstand  challenges from  individual operating environments.

Our  plant is  certified according to ISO 9001:2008 latest standard and is independently audited regularly. Electro Systems has detailed knowledge and experience related to the design specification and installation of low voltage motor systems and protection circuit design and machine specification for reliable service life and ease of maintenance.

This includes electronic and electro-mechanical motor protection relays, solid-state soft starters and variable speed drives. We also have in house experience and expertise with the design, program development and installation of PLC systems. This includes PLC system infrastructure, system development and programming, SCADA system development and commissioning.