Quality Modular systems & mounted panels | Logstrup Switchboards & Motor Control Centres

  • Logstrup Customisable Modular solutions
  • Fully IEC 61439-1-2 Compliant
  • Switchboards
  • Motor control centres
  • Type Tested Modular Solutions
  • Internal Arc Protection
  • Low voltage electrical equipment
  • Fixed, semi withdrawable , fully withdrawable, and inline technology for switchboards and motor control centre

Electro Systems continuously reviews and analyses customer needs and as a result we understood that there was a need for a quality modular system in the local market.  The company thus expanded their offer in 2016 to include a state of the art, best in class international Modular system from the respected Danish company Løgstrup.

The Løgstrup Modular  System incorporates fixed, semi withdrawable , fully withdrawable,  and inline technology for switchboards and motor control centres. This product allows us to build motor control  centres for up to 8700 Amp and 165KA/1sec and it is fully IEC61439.

The Løgstrup is very rich in features and complies fully to IEC61439 – available in front and rear access, Draw-out or Fixed, With Arc protection or without, the possibilities are endless, just limited by technical verification.

Major benefits of a Modular System include
  1. Minimum downtime
  2. Re-configuration of units while panel is live
  3. Ability to interchange different unit types
  4. Fully Type-Tested
  5. Internal Arc Protection

In addition Logstrup panels offer
  • High short circuit level (165kA/1sec) and high current 8700A at 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Rear Access offering 40 % reduction in length of the panel and enhanced installation and service conditions.
  • Large drawers which allows to incorporate Larger VFDs and contactors up to 295 kW.
  • Allows neutral accessibility in incoming and outgoing connectors
  • Up to 630 A 3p+N within 380mm high drawer. ( compact design)
  • Up to IP54 Rating

Electro Systems Modular offers the Logstrup Range of strong and customisable panels that include distribution and control panels, MCC (motor control centers) integrated container solutions, and serial production; enclosure systems for low power applications, such as distribution, sub-distribution, and control panels; and customized enclosures in painted or stainless steel. It provides solutions to total low voltage electrical equipment, unit substations, switchboards, and MCC’s.

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